General and Executive Board Meetings

Did you know that ICSEW meetings are open to the public?

ICSEW's 2014 Transition Meeting

Meeting highlights include accomplishments over the last year, recognizing outstanding members and agency representatives transitioning off the Committee, welcoming and orienting new members, and much more.

8:00 - 4:00
July 15, 2014
Legislative Building
Columbia Room
416 Sid Synder Avenue Southwest
Olympia, Washington 98504

RSVP here by Monday, July 7th; refreshments provided.

Next Executive Board (EB) Meeting

Agenda pending
8:30 - 11:30
August 20, 2014
Department of Revenue Building, Training Room 259
6300 Linderson Way, Tumwater

Attendance Policy

Regular attendance at committee meetings is essential to ensure that decisions made represent the opinions of the committee as a whole. An ICSEW representative may forfeit their appointment as a result of poor attendance.

Notice of all absences must be provided to the Membership Chair. An absence will be excused when notice is provided at least two days in advance of the meeting AND the representative has arranged for an alternate to attend in their absence.

Two unexcused absences in a row will result in the Membership Subcommittee contacting the representative's director or equivalent. View the complete attendance policy here.